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We’ve partnered with the Let’s Encrypt initiative to provide you with a free SSL certificate (HTTPS) for each of your domains. Visitors to your website can trust that sensitive information exchanged online remains encrypted and safe from data thieves.

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SSL certificates Give Visitors Peace of Mind

Wonder why you’re struggling to rank higher on Google? It might be nothing to do with keywords, snippets and alt tags. One simple fix could give you a huge SEO boost.

That fix is to install an SSL certificate. CyberAlpha is currently offering a free SSL certificate for each of your domains when you sign up for one of our monthly web security packages.

In today’s article, we’ll talk you through the basics of SSL & HTTPS:

SSL certificates & Google rankings

  1. What is an SSL certificate?
  2. How does SSL affect search engine rankings
  3. How do I install an SSL certificate?

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