CyberSecurity Alerting

The CyberAlpha managed website security platform provides immediate, integrated cybersecurity alerting via email, Slack and other platforms

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Our CyberSecurity Alerting Solutions

We alert you immediately in case of a cyber attack or a change in the status of your website

Our WAF alerts you immediately in case of cyber attack and DDoS attack

Our malware scanning service immediately alerts you if a hacker has infected your website

Benefits of CyberSecurity Alerting

Always up to date on the cyber security status of your website

Immediate alerts in case of cyber attack

Peace of mind your website is protected and monitored

How To Conduct A Website Security Audit

Cybercrime is the single biggest risk to the modern company. It can lead to catastrophic consequences: lost revenue, stolen data, damaged reputations and even criminal liability.

And yet many business owners have no idea of the risks they face. Managers leave up unsecured websites and just hope for the best. With hackers now very sophisticated, this is like leaving the office unlocked when you go home every night.

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Our platform gives founders, CEOs, DPOs and CTOs peace of mind by securing their website. Helping you become GDPR compliant and providing all your cybersecurity needs in one easy place.

14 day free trial - no credit card required

360° CyberSecurity Protection

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