Your Website & Customer Data Protected

CyberAlpha is the leading cybersecurity platform to protect your website and customer data. Our team is committed to helping you, and your organisation, protect your sensitive IP, customer data and ensure your website is always running smoothly and malware free. We are a team of cyber security experts who have built our careers around making software to keep sites safe and secure.

Our Cloud WAF or Web Application Firewall has been created to block cyber attacks on your website including the OWASP Top 10 website vulnerabilities. It continuously monitors your website and automatically blocks any malicious activity or attacks. We continually update our WAF with the most recent threat data so you can be confident that your website and customer data are safe.

Protect your website from DDoS attacks with our managed Web Application Firewall. Instantly block potential intruders from gaining access to sensitive company and customer data. In the case of an attack, our software immediately alerts you and issues a report around what happened.

According to security week, at any given time, 18.5 million websites around the globe are infected with malware! The vast majority of website malware on websites goes undetected, and hackers are able to steal data and information over extended periods without it being noticed. Our platform lets you know when your website is infected, and your team can fix the issue quickly. We also offer affordable malware removal services if your team don’t have time or you require expert assistance.

Website Malware Scanning is the process of deep scanning a website to prevent malware infection. Our cybersecurity platform uses a variety of tools and techniques to identify malware. Our platform continuously monitors your website for unusual or suspect behaviour and blocks malware from being installed on your website.

Website Monitoring

CyberAlpha continuously monitors your website and alerts you for the following:

Uptime monitoring When your website goes offline, or parts of the services you offer are disrupted. CyberAlpha immediately notifies your team when something happens.

Blacklist monitoring If you have broken SEO rules or your website has been blacklisted from key search engines; CyberAlpha lets you know so you can solve any issues.

Configuration monitoring If your website has been infiltrated and your core website DNS or backend systems have been altered, CyberAlpha will send you an immediate alert.